DIVMET is a procedure to enhance safety and comfort in air traffic routing. Based on the current geographic positioning and forecasts for adverse weather (e.g. thunderstorms, icing, turbulence, etc.), it determines alternative, meteorologically conflict-free flight routes. This represents an important decision-making tool for pilots and air traffic controllers, for example.

The procedure was developed at the Leibniz Universität Hannover by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hauf.

We offer a software solution for 24/7 operational service. We are also able to calculate alternative flight routes for you as a service.

The advantages of using such a procedure are demonstrated in the following video. It shows a flight from Spain to Kiev in an area over Switzerland and Austria featuring a cluster of thunderstorms (as indicated by the blue checked areas). The grey line shows the planned route; the orange circles, the route actually taken on that day. In this example, the DIVMET procedure suggests a route for safe navigation around the thunderstorms, as indicated by the green line.

Based on the three routes shown simultaneously (initial video image and end of video), the advantage of the DIVMET procedure is very clear. The aircraft had to alter its course at relatively short notice (probably due to the limited range of the on-board radar) and thus complete regular heading changes. At 13:00, the video shows impressively how the aircraft flies along the ‘edge’ of a thunderstorm. The DIVMET procedure suggests an alternative route early on that enables more direct circumvention of the thunderstorm, which in turn saves a significant amount of time and costs. At the same time, a safety distance of 10 nautical miles is maintained from each of the thunderstorms, which also ensures a more comfortable flight for the passengers.

The video was created in cooperation with

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WxFUSION GmbH (thunderstorm data)

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the Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg (Prof. Rokitansky, NAVSIM aviation simulation model)

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the Leibniz Universität Hannover (Prof. Hauf, DIVMET procedure development and Mr Hupe, video preparation)

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